Recurrent infection in children aproach by homeopathy

As a human being we love our kids and our life is entirely running around them,when our kids are fall ill we feel really helpless and get worried and anxitius about their recovery,its applicable from simple cold to major disease.

1.children are having more chance of getting infection then adults due to a .Immune system not yet develop to fight the allergens b.Unaware of dirty or bacterial environment, c,Easy chance of getting more communicable disease in the schools or from the siblings or even from mother,,,,,,

2.Having 3-4 attacks of  infection in a year with common virus and bacterias is expectable and if the children recover quickly with medicines.especially if the development of children good then there is no need to label the child ill health as recurrent infection.

3.If the child is having more frequent infections,recovery is slow,stunted or delayed development even with best intake,infected with unusual or rare organism,resistant to ordinary antibiotics,,,,,,then they need proper evaluation and continues medical treatment till the child is alright.

4.usually the cause for recurrent infection could be because of 

a,allergic almost 30 % chronic infection fall under this category children with allergy will have   recurrent sinusitis,rhinitis,otitis media,asthma,,,

b,chronic diseases: when children fall frequent sick due to some underlying chronic diseases like congenital heart diseases,gastro oesophageal reflux,cystic fibrosis ,adenoid or tonsil enlargement,foreign body  

c,infection may be due to contaminated water,infected pet animals,

d. Child with low  immunity primary immune deficiency(by birth) or secondary immune deficiency (pre term baby,HIV, diabetes, immunosuppressive drugs,injury,post surgery)

5.Very essentially need to  evaluate the disease and diagnosis is very importend.

6.homeopathy is always doing wonder in treating children's, it will cut short the long duration of the lingering,recurring chronic diseases,helps in development of physic as well as immune system of kids,breaks the hereditary tendencies,diathesis,
a,no side effects its very safe to use  

b,it will help to develop natural immunity in children's, 

c,homeopathy saved several life's of childrens with simple  medicines,

d,children's always love to eat homeopathy medicines,d,no age bar for starting homeopathic medicines in childrens from day one we can give the homeopathic medicines. 


   Function of the adenoid is similar to tonsil,it helps in fighting against the bacterias and protect the respiratory tract.this small lymphoid tissues located in the upper pharynx in the posteriar wall of the mouth.

   simple adenoid infection makes minimal discomfort and cold attack but in majority of the cases the adenoid is become permanently swollen and weak hence its the source of recurrent infection in childrens.

adenoid starts develop at the age of 1 year and attain peak at 3-5 years and atrophied after 6-7 year.

Complication of the adenoid hypertrophy: produces the recurrent tonsil infection and tonsil hypertrophy
2.recurrent bronchitis
3.ear pain,otitis media.
4.persistent nasal infection and cold and sinusitis.
5.snoring and mouth breathing,nasal voice,protruded tongue,reduced cheek(due to  chronic enlargement the maxillary sinus is poorly developed so the cheeks is not prominent)-ADENOID FACE.
6.dullness and difficulty in concentrating
7.persistent dry cough.
    on major occasion the diagnosis is above named complications rather then diagnosing adenoid infection correctly.

    Diagnosis is very simple by the clinical symptoms alone but x ray cervical spine-lateral view clearly helpful find the enlarged adenoid.

   if  homeopathic medicines prescribed at right time then there is no formation of the adenoid enlargement if the adenoid is already enlarged and its giving complications,in that situation homeopathic medicines greatly helps in reducing the size of the swelling as well as gives the better result in complications also, so there is a excellent prognosis in adenoid enlargement and cures the disease permanently.


           Infection of the tonsils so frequent in the childrens then adult.common infecting organism is streptococcus and staphylococcus.severe throat pain with fever is common symptoms,dry painful cough,head ache also present.swelling and the pain is present below the jaw in the neck (due to lymp node enlargement).
tonsils are swollen and reddish.
           Occlusive tonsillitis:the tonsils very big.child is suffering to swallow the food.drooling of the saliva will be there.
           (very importend complication of the streptococcal tonsillitis is post streptococcal nephritis (affects the kidney),streptococcal skin infection,endocarditis-(ASO titer (anti strptolysin o-blood test) is recommended for children suffering with frequent throat infection and tonsilitis).
           when the tonsillitis is become normal childrens are feel cool no pain,no fever but the tonsil size will not go to normal size remain bigger then the usual slowly the tonsil size will reduce over weeks to months,but if the recurrence is become more then the swollen tonsil is become permanant and it will turn into occlusive tonsilitis.

sometimes adenoid makes the child become recurrent tonsillitis.
             adenoid -----> tonsilitis----->otitis media
             adenoid ----->sinusitis------>tonsilitis
             Homeopathic medicines most helpful in curing the tonsillitis and keeps the function of the tonsil is become normal,and prevent the recurrences. 

   டான்சிளைடிஸ் என்பது பொதுவாக அனைவருக்கும் வருகின்ற ஒரு நோய்தான் தொண்டைவலி ,உணவு விழுங்கும்போது வலி ,குழந்தைகளுக்கு அடிக்கடி காய்ச்சல்  வரும் ,டன்சிலைடிஸ் கிருமி தொற்றின் மூலம்  ஏற்படுகிறது ,கிருமிகள் உள்ள குடி நீரை அருந்துவதலோ ,பாதிக்கப்பட்ட ஒருவரிடம் இருந்து மற்றொருவருக்கோ வரலாம்
நீண்ட நாள் அலர்ஜி உள்ள குழந்தைகளின் மூக்கிலிருந்து தொண்டைக்கு சளி தொடர்ந்து வருவதாலும் டான்சிலைடிஸ் வரலாம் .ஹோமியோபதி மருந்துகள் இந்த டான்சிளைடிசை முழுமையாக குணப்படுத்தும்   

ஓமியோபதி மருத்துவத்திற்கு அளித்துவரும் ஆதரவிற்கு நன்றி