Skin Disease and Treatment

psoriasis vulgaris
atopic dermatitis
lichen planus
acne vulgaris
tinea / ringworm
acne rosacea
pruritus (itching)
seborrhoeic dermatitis (dandruff)

psoriasis vulgaris

(தமிழில் படிக்க பக்கத்தின் கீழ் பகுதிக்கு செல்லவும்)
    its one of the common chronic skin disease.there is a reddish patch with silvery scaling.usually it starts appearing in bony prominent areas were the skin is next to the bone,were the flesh is less like behind the elbow,back of the hands,in front of the knee,scalp.
    (But if psoriasis started spreading means it affect entire skin,even it affects the mouth,tongue,nails there is one specific condition we will name it as erythroderma  in which entire portion of the skin is affected with psoriasis,usually its the skin failure condition yes, since entire portion of the skin is affected function of the skin is lost like thermo regulation (due to loss of sweat) , electrolyte imbalance and dehydration and excessive protein loss will be there)
    if the psoriasis is very severe even a small injury in normal skin will produce the new psoriatic patch in the wounded areas-(kobnarization phenominon)

Nature of psoriasis
  • psoriatic patch starts as a small red spots,the spots spread and makes typical psoriatic patch,the individual spots will become joined together and covers the maximum surface of the skin,and then slowly heal itself and even in some cases clear completely without any pathch.but starts again in the winter or stress.
  • psoriasis attacks in the winter months and it has the natural tendency to disappear in summer.
  • The basic defect is rapid replacement of epidermis as scaling in the psoriatic patch.(normal skin replacement 28 days, in psoriasis skin replacement will be very fast  3-4 days).
  •  Itching is rare in psoriasis,occasional itching will be there due to excessive dryness or psychogenic stress can cause itching.                
  •  psoriasis is not will not spread by touch.
  •  this disease is not affect the life of the patient 
  •  once the patch is healing the affected individual will get their skin and nails are become normal.                                                                                                      
cause for psoriasis
    The exact cause for the psoriasis is unknown.
    (according to many research work it is a heredofamilial disease (genetic) brought on by stress,     anxiety,mental trauma,fever,physical injury,digestive upsets  etc.
    streptococcal infection,presence of purine in the diet,diabetes are the other precipitating (inducing)     factor for psoriasis.
    auto immunity is the another factor for the development of disease.
Variety of psoriasis / type of psoriasis

1.psoriasis vulgaris : common usual type.

2.guttate psoriasis: small papules develop all over the body,particularly in the chest,arms and is precipitated by stress or streptococcal is common in children and adult.and it may be the first sign of psoriasis.but this guttate psoriasis clear within a month period but the disease rests silently inside may come later in the life.
nail psoriasis-psoriais vulgaris-scalp psoriasis-palmar psoriasis (illustrative picture)

3.psoriatic arthritis : its the complication of the psoriasis. 5% psoriasis patient affected with arthritis.usually finger and toes,sacro illiac joints are affected.pain and swelling of the affected joints are common.nail changes are common and prominent.

4.flexural psoriasis or psoriasis inversalis: the typical psoriasis appear in the extensor surface.but occasionally it affects the flexure surface,like axilla and infra mammary regions.scaling also very minimal or absent.

5.pustular psoriasis: usually rare generalised and localised pustular psoriasis,generalised type appear with fever may require hospitalisation.its severe variety.localised pustular psoriasis is very common, appear in the palms and soles tiny pustules appear in the red patch of psoriasis.pustular psoriasis may precipitated by steroids,iodides,,,,etc.

6.palmar plantar psoriasis: in some individual psoriasis affect the palms and soles then remaining body,deep and superficial cracks is the distressing cracks will be more in the winter.

7.scalp psoriasis : excessive white scaling from the scalp looks like a dandruff so the person unaware that he is having psoriasis.In the winter the scaling will be profuse,patient will be notice only when he gets bleeding after scratching or if it is spread towards face and neck.(in some case scalp scaling is the first sign for psoriasis).scalp psoriasis does not affect the hair.

8.nail psoriasis : in psoriasis,nails separated from the skin,and pitting in the nail is common sign in some cases nail will become very thick.

annular psoriasis : the central clearing of the circular lesion produce the ring shaped lesion.

grading psoriasis and assessing the severity

active & poorly controlled psoriasis

rapid spreading & joining of near patches together making big patches
producing excessive scaling,
reddish look patch,removing the scales makes tiny blood spots within the patch,
appearing multiple new spots,
very much sensitive to climate changes and emotional upsets even tiny scratch in the body makes the spots.

(minimal tenderness,with burning pain is not uncommon in active big lesion but its very rare)
pitting in the nails and separation of the nail plates appear rapidly if the active lesion is not in control.

controlled psoriasis

spreading of individual spots is slow
no or less frequent new spots.
scaling and thickening of the lesion will be less.
nails pitting is less and disappearance of nail pitting.
removing the scales does not makes any bleeding.
frequency and intensity of the individual attack is less.

well controlled psoriasis/inactive psoriasis/near cure or static psoriasis

all the spots in the body will be completely disappeared but one or two spots left out but it does not get worse with winter or emotion.stays silent years together with very slow healing  irrespective of the climate and mood changes .absolutely no sign of nail involvement and no joint pain.

latent psoriasis psoriasis has the nature of remission and relapse so when the patches is completely absent it does not mean that the psoriasis is cured.the disease is stayes silently inside the body without any external signs and symptoms for many years.

    mild  psoriasis - less then 3 % skin is affected with psoriasis
    moderate psoriasis - 3% to 10 % skin is affected with psoriasis.        
    severe psoriasis - more then 10   %    is severe psoriasis.
    (one percent is equal to one hand surface area of the affected individual)


 1.Psoriasis is a chronic disease it need a long time observation and very regular follow up and treatment to get complete cure,when ever the time comes explain the need of continuation of the medicine.periodical assesement of the case and explainning what level the patient got improved it gives good encouragement for continuying the treatment for the patient.if the doctor fails to keep tracking regularly and maintaing his follow up,then he might see thousend patient but he will not even cross 5-6 patient complete cure.

 2.Even though skin look rough and dry it never spread by touching one person to another person,and the     person will get their normal skin and nails by homeopathic treatment after healing.

3.Anxiety,Stress,Depression makes the complaints worst stress free situation reduces the flare up.  Homeopathic medicine acts on the mind makes the person stress free and makes him comfortable.

4.homeopathy medicine has a wonderful effect upon controlling the disease and delays the duration between the flare up,and then completely stops the patches.if the medicine is working in right way it show the improvement in the following way.
 a.Number of new patches will be less (if this is achieved patient anxiety level will be much less)
b.individual patches heal in several ways like the active thick red spots become dry thin spots and then it will become normal skin (MOSTLY) 

(or) healing starts in the center of the patch first (now the patch looks like ring-Annular Psoriasis) and then the border of the patch is clearing (RARE)

(or)  clearing will takes place first in periphery of the patch and then in the center (COMMON) 

(or) direct peeling of the thick scaly crust and then the remaining dry spots is become normal skin (esp in scalp psoriasis) (NOT UNCOMMON)

(or)the patches all over the body heal but some patches remain static for many years and then that also heal the patient then free from psoriatic patch.(if the doctor apply the ointment impatiently then the patient may goes to latend psoriatic stage rather then complete healing).

(or) nail pitting will fade away in the same level(mostly).but for nail thickening and rough scaled nail will be replaced by new normal nail(mostly). 

(or) the deep cracks is becoming filled by healthy tissues then the cracks and rough skin is become better (esp in palms and soles). 

 flare up again different from person to person if the disease is very aggressive then the patch spread and cover the major part of the skin with congested red patch with scaling and the new spots continues irrespective climate,emotion and infection  (severe type)

(or) particularly spread and new spots worse in one or two attack when ever the temperature is goes down especially dry chill winter rather then damp ground.(controlled)

(or)silent for many year but the patch will start appear after travelling extreme cold place or extreme mental shock (latent).

(or)drug dependent patches,when the person is being taken heavy steroid especially internal,then the spots is become much controlled if the patient trying to stops the medicine then the patches will become severe .(here the medicine is dominant triggering factor then climate and emotion)
when the medicine started working the continues flare up become steady and regulated so patches appear yearly once,and then the yearly once flare up will become very weak like appearing one or two spots then the person will become completely alright from the flare ups.


psoriasis is the one among the multi miasmatic disorder (other multi miasmatic disorders-cancer,diabetes,,,,,)

   prescribing based on triggering factors or the skin specific remedies like graphitis,petrolium or using the combination(kindly avoid using combination in psoriasis) drugs helps in controlling the spots but surely the disease stay inside it breaks again with triggering factor.
  • moisturizing the skin regularly with oil will reduce the skin irritation and dryness.applying oil in the scalp keep it over night and washing the scalp next day with shampoo reduces the scaling.
  • sun bathing (20-30 minutes in a day) in the  morning or evening.
  • avoid eating red meat.
  • flax seeds are helpful in controlling the active inflammation but i have never found any significant changes in controlling the inflammation especially in active spread stage and those who are already in steroid here the correct constitutional medicine is the choice.
  • eating healthy food rich in vitamin and minerals are most helpful along with medicine
  • atleast homeopaths should avoid using ointments for psoriasis.

சொரியாசிஸ் (செதில் படை நோய்)
        இது ஒரு வகை நாட்பட்ட தோல் நோய் ஆகும்.இந்த தோல் நோய் கிருமிகளின் மூலம் ஏற்ப்படுவதில்லை எனவே இது ஒருவரை ஒருவர் தொடுவதினால் பரவுவதில்லை.

தோலில் அங்காங்கே சிவப்பு நிறத்தில் திட்டுகளும் அதன் மீது வெள்ளை நேரத்தில் செதில்களும் காணப்படும்.இந்த நோய் உடலில் ங்கு வேண்டுமானாலும் வரும் என்றாலும்,பெரும்பானமையாக தலை,முழங்கால் மூட்டு மற்றும் முழங்கை மூட்டிலும் வரும்.புறங்கை மற்றும் புறங்கை விரல்களிலும் வரும்.  

இந்த நோய் எதனால் ஏற்ப்படுகிறது என்ற காரணம் அறியப்படவில்லை.இது தன்னை தானே அழித்துக்கொள்ளும் நோய் எதிர்ப்புசக்தியினால்  (auto immune disorder ) ஏற்ப்படலாம் என்றும் ,மேலும் இது ஜீன்களின் மூலமும் வருகிறது என்றும் நம்பப்படுகிறது.

சொரியாசிஸ் புதிய திட்டுகளை வருடம் முழுவதும் தோலில் ஏற்ப்படுத்தும் என்றாலும்,பனி காலத்தில் (நவம்பர்,டிசம்பர்,ஜனவரி) இந்த புதிய சொரியாயசிஸ் திட்டுகள் நிறைய வரும்.  
மனதளவில் ஏற்படும் அதிர்ச்சி,அதிக வேலைபலு,பயம்,மன உளைச்சல் போன்ற காரணங்களும் புதிய திட்டுகளை உருவாக்கும்.
ஷ்ற்றேப்டோகாக்கள் (streptococcal) நோய் தொற்றிக்கு பிறகு இந்த சொரியாசிஸ் திட்டுகள் நிறைய வரும்.

சிறிய புள்ளி அளவிற்கு தோலில் வரும் திட்டுகள் நாளடைவில் பெரியதாகிறது.நோயின் உக்கிரம் கடுமையாக இருக்குமெனில் உடலின் ஓட்டுமொத்த தோல் பகுதியேயும் இந்த திட்டுகள் ஆக்ரமிக்கும் இதனை சிவந்த தோல் என்று  அழைப்போம் (erythroderma).இந்த சிவந்த தோல் மிகவும் ஆபத்தானது.

சொரியாசிஸ் வகைகள்
சொரியாசிஸ் வல்காரிஸ்;இது மிகவும் சாதாரண வகை அதே நேரத்தில் மற்றவகைகலை விட அதிகம் காணப்படும்.

கட்டேட் சொரியாசிஸ் : மழை துளியே போன்று உடல் எங்கும் சிறு சிறு புள்ளிகளாக சொரியாசிஸ் திட்டுகள் ஏற்படும்.ஆனல் கொஞ்ச நாட்களில் இது மறைந்து விடும்.

தலையில் மட்டும் சொரியாசிஸ் வருவதை - ஷ்கால்ப் சொரியாயசிஸ் என்று அழைக்கிறோம்.

வெகு சிலருக்கு உடலில் சொரியாசிஸ் வருவதற்கு முன் நகத்தில் மட்டும் சொரியாயசிஸ் வருவதுண்டு இது நக  சொரியாசிஸ்.


   acne one of the commonest skin appears in the puberty when the sebaceous glands are the most occurs both girl and boys.after the age of twenty pimples is stop coming but for the female it appear again after 30.(but there are many individual suffer with pimples in very severe form even after 25 and 30).

acne mainly comes in the face,then neck and upper part of the shoulder and  the back.pimples comes usually  on both sides of the face.

the dried sebum material is plugged in the sebaceous gland this will appear like a white dot  called white head.
the white head become block (block head). 

the closed sebaceous gland become elevated due to accumulation of the sebum material (papules).
if that papules become infected with bacterium then the papules turned into yellow pus filled sebaceous gland (pustules).the pustules break and leave a scar marking in the face.

the papule sometime bigger with aggregates of inflammatory cells so it will become look like immature boil in the face.they persist for long time without healing many of them is completely and partially absorbed but some them become cystic.

cyst and nodules are always heal with dark pigmentation and deep scars in the face,here the homeopathic medicine prevents such cyst and nodule formation during treatment and heals without any scar and pigment formation.

hypertrophied scars also appear usually in the chest and back of neck.these scar become keloid occasionally.

according to the severity the acne may be classified into 3 grade.

I grade - papule ,tiny pustules (pimples leave without much scarring and pigments)

II grade - papules , pustules (with minimal pigments and scaring is possible)
III  grade - nodules and cyst is prominent deeps caring and dark pigments are possible , chance of keloid is high in this III grade    

acne is a chronic skin disease with frequent subsiding and flare up. for the girls it appear before menses.

cause for acne:due to increased production of the sex hormones, the sebaceous glands are become hyperactive & seborrhoic diathesis.

homeopathic medicines cures all type and all the grade acne.permanent recovery is possible.

      முகப்பரு என்பது எல்லோருக்கும் தெரிந்த ஒரு தோல் நோய் , பருவ வயதில் சுரக்கும் அதிக ஹார்மோன்கள் இந்த முகப்பரு உருவாகக்காரணம் ஆகிறது.

     முகத்தில் நிறைய எண்ணெய் சுரப்பிகள் உள்ளது இவைகள் முகத்தில்   உள்ள தோல் வறண்டுவிடாமல் இருக்க உதவி செய்கிறது.அனால் முகப்பாரு உருவாவதற்கும்  இந்த சுரப்பிகளே காரணம்.

     முகபரு எவ்வாறு உருவாகிறது ?
            எண்ணை சுரப்பியின் துவாரம் முதலில் அடைத்துகொள்கிறது  இதனால் சுரக்கும் எண்ணையானது சுரப்பியே வீங்கிபெரிதாக்குகிறது,இதுவே முகபரு.சிலநேரங்களில் இந்த முகப்பருவின்  மீது கிருமிகள் தாக்குவதால் சீழ் கொப்புளங்கள் உருவாகிறது.

         (pimples is nothing but oil filled swollen oily gland in the face).

      முகப்பரு இளம் வயதினரை அதிகம் பாதிக்கிறது,ஆண் பெண் இருவருக்கும் வரும் என்றாலும் ஆண்களுக்கு முகபரு அதிகம் வரும்.

        பெரிதாக வரும் முகபருக்கள் முகத்தில் வடுவையும்,கரும்புள்ளிகளையும் உருவாக்குகிறது .

       ஹோமியோபதி மருந்துகள் முகப் பருவை முற்றிலும் குணபடுத்தும் .

  Any superficial inflammatory process in the skin is called dermatitis (eczema) . appears with redness,itching and minute papules and vesicles if the eruption get infected then the water filled eruption turn into pustules.
  sometimes it oozes a watery fluid,forming crust upon the rash with minimal swelling will be there - wet or weeping eczema).
  completely dry eruption with severe itching scaling if the disease persist for long time then the skin is become thick and rough (dry eczema)

cause for eczema
1.irritants      -- physical and chemical electrical
2.sensitizers  -- plant,cosmetics clothing
3.external infection--streptococcus ,staphylococcal infections
4.mental and emotional conflicts such as strains and stresses.
5.temprature and humidity makes skin irritation and eczema
6.some medicines.
7.allergic tendency,people with dry skin ready to get eczema,excessive sweating and seborrhea makes the eczema

homeopathy medicines cure the eczema completely.


    sudden appearance of the slightly elevated skin patches in the skin which are redder or paler then surrounding skin with  severe itching the trigger for this allergic reaction may be certain foods or drugs.
    its very common skin condition.any age group may get this urticaria.
    cause for urticaria:  (some of the things given below is normal to some individual but makes urticaria to the sensitive individual) (shellfish,nuts,prawns,egg,milk any food and food additives
   2.medicines penicillin,aspirin
   3.insect bites of some plants  
   5.emotional stress resentful frustration and over work,over stress produce urticaria in some individual.
   6.worms-worms causes urticaria especially in children (round worm,tape worm,hook worm,,,etc)
   7.some internal disease (decayed tooth,sinus infection,kidney infection,vaginal infections,,,,)
   8.heat and cold ,exertion pressure vibration.
  angio oedema is severe form of urticaria itching eruption in the skin along with swelling in the lips and tongue simultaneous swelling epiglottis in the throat so the breathing is difficult so the person will collapse soon immediate medical attention needed in this cases.females suffering angionurotic oedema then male.

homeopatic medicine are wonderfully cure all type of urticaria.

WARTS (verrucae) (மரு )

          cause for warts is virus (human papilloma virus-HPV).
          this viral warts spread to person person as well as in the same person in different place.
          warts is common to many people ,childrens are more prone to get warts.
          plantar warts :appear in the soles of feet and palms of hand,they are deeply set in the skin
                     infection contracted from swimming pool,using common bathroom,on the beech.
          periungual warts-warts under around the nail.
          filiform warts
         common warts (verrucae vulgaris) : appear on any were in the body mostly in the exposed parts 
                    like hands,feet,around and under the nails (periungual warts).
         flat warts (juvenile warts /verruca plana) common in children's, warts are multiple.face and 
         back of the hand is the usual site .warts are smooth and flat surface papule.
        genital warts (condyloma acuminatum): appear in the genital areas and around the anal region
                    this infection is catches by sexual contact.
homeopathic medicine cure the warts completly . prevent the recurrence.remove the tendency to get warts.

Itching (pruritus)


  1.many skin disease makes the itchy skin.
  2.many general disease also produce the itching
  3.apart from skin and general disease some physical measures also produce itching.

skin disease cause for itching
       urticaria,scabies,ringworm,lichen planus,neurodermatitis,atopic dermatitis,prickly heat,,,,,,etc.
       head lice,tinea in the head,worms in the childrens,contact dermatitis,intertrigo,,,,
       itching in the old age skin atrophy (senile pruritus)

General disease which causes itching.
       liver disease
       kidney disease
       pregnancy and oral contraceptives
       anemia and blood cancers

itching due to physical and physiological cause

      rough clothing,tight clothing,heat cold,humidity,dust and dirt accumulated in the skin due to absent of regular bathing.

homeopathic medicines cure the itching as well as it cures the underlying disease conditions.

Dandruff is very common skin disease of the scalp.

All the scaly eruption in the scalp generally people called as dandruff,but so many skin disease produce scaling similar to dandruff ,hence need a proper diagnosis and proper treatment.

some of the skin disease which produce scaling (Dandruff) in the scalp.

   1.seborrhoic dermatitis
   2.scalp psoriasis
   3.atopic dermatitis
   4.pitriyasis rosaea
   6.discoid lupus erethematosis
   7.tinea corporis.
   8.cradle cap.
   9.pitriyasis capitis (true dandruff).

pitriyasis capitis (dandruff) : there are two dandruff variety 1.dry.2 wet

dry dandruff: grayish dry,powdery scales or falling on the also looks dry and lusterless.
itching are very less or no itching,excessive dandruff appears in the winter months.oil application with short duration of homeopathic medicines help in controlling the dry dandruff.

wet dandruff : waxy greasy yellowish thick scales and crusts,skin appear pale red,hair is oily,itching will be there moderate.condition worse in hot and humid weather.face and forehead is oily and greasy.washing frequency should be more (weekly 4-5 times head bathing in a week with shampoo)
long time homeopathic treatment is needed reduce the excessive oily secretion and cure the dandruff.
oil application not needed in this wet dandruff.

dandruff associated with poor vitamin and poor nutrition hence improving the diet makes better results in dandruff.

flare up of dandruff sometime happen after fever or ill health due to less frequent head bathing and also due to less food intake.

ஓமியோபதி மருத்துவத்திற்கு அளித்துவரும் ஆதரவிற்கு நன்றி