Varicose vein /Varicocele/ Atheroscleorosis / hypertension (high and low BP)

     our body has two types of the vessels 1.artery which helps carry the pure oxygenated blood from heart to all over the body.2.veins,the function of the vein is carry the impure,corbondioxide rich blood. 
 dilatation of the artery  --  aneurysm
 dilatation of the veins   --  varicose vein (vv)
 thickening of the arterial wall -- atherosclerosis
 pulmonary hypertension 

Varicose Veins

varicose veins are nothing but dilatation and tortuous of the veins.commonly the veins are more prone to dilatation then artery.the basic reason is vessel wall of the veins are thin compare to artery and then it does not have much elastic,expanding capacity.

  cause for the varicose veins 
   any condition which block the blood flow from the tissues to heart like pregnancy,makes the direct pressure upon the veins so the varicose veins are common,if it is mild case then the vv become normal after the delivery.long time standing is the predisposing factor for the varicose veins like traffic constables,watch man,,
   some time there is a absent of valves in the veins from birth in this condition the vv will start in the very early age   without any predisposing factor.

thromboembolism-blood clot within the veins  it will also produce the varicose veins.

varicose veins are common in the lower limb (legs),but it can occur in any were in the body.
varicocele      -     varicose vein in the testis
 piles or hemorrhoids   -   varicose vein of the rectal veins.

(dilation of the umbilical vein(caput medusa),dilation of the veins in the lower end of oesophagas ( blood vomiting if the veins rupture),dilation of the veins in the rectum all 3 condition will occur simultaneously in case if there is cirrhosis of the liver).

      the varicose veins will be bulged out from skin surface we can see easily,multi folded (tortuous) veins appear in the affected limb.with blue-green colored veins is seen on the skin surface.


varicose ulcers and thromboblibitis is the complication of the varicose veins.congestion of the veins.on majority of the condition vv asymptomatic,except in sudden origin of the vv.but rarely it makes the cramps in the legs worse when hanging the leg down,and minimal swelling in the leg.long standing varicose veins makes the brown color spots near the affected legs and produce ulceration - varicose ulcers.
 Doppler scan of the affected limb is confirm the diagnosis and in some cases helps identify the cause.
   homeopathic medicine is helpful in treating the vv successfully,it strengthen the weak veins and restructure the tortuous vein.improve the tone of the veins.its very easy to treat when the suffered individual meet the doctor in the early stage.
homeopathic medicines most valuable in controlling the slow oozing of the blood from the varicose veins.cure very well in stubborn varicose ulcers.

- stockings,crab bandage helpful 

- keeping the limb elevated,avoiding the long time standing.
-laser therapy,surgery,sclerotherapy is the other option for the vv.


    abnormal dilatation of the veins in the scrotum(varicose vein of the scrotum).the varicocele interfere with sperm production so the affected person may undergo less sperm production but many person with varicocele lives without any change in the sperm count.varicocele produce the pain in the testis.majority of the patient asymptomatic and the diagnosis made incidental or as a routine investigation for infertility.

sign for varicocele : movable soft swelling in the the scrotum like a worm bag which is usually painless when touching.

  • varicocele more common in left scrotum then right side
  • varicocele affects 15 % male.
  • varicocele severity is explained as I GRADE(mild varicocele),II GRADE (moderate varicocele),III   GRADE (severe varicocele).
  • due to incomplete closure of the valves and increased retrograde pressure in the veins makes the varicocele.
  • since more blood stagnation near the testis the temperature is more then the normal so it affects the sperm production.long standing varicele even makes the atrophic changes in the cells of the testis.
  • micro surgery for varicocele improve the sperm production.
  • homeopathic medicines useful  for varicocele.homeopathic medicine makes the veins to become normal and thereby helps in normal sperm production.
         is a disease of blood vessel.thickening of the artery due to deposition of fatty material inside the blood vessels.due to this thickening,the lumen of the blood vessel  become narrow,if the atherosclerosis is very severe it even completely block the artery,so the blood flow is completely stopped.

     this disease is very important since it makes so dangerous life threatening complications and  this disease common to many people.
      our body cells entirely depends upon the blood supply,the whole nutrition is supplied from the heart to the body through is blood vassals,if any delay or absence of the blood supply will happen then the function of the particular tissue will be stopped temporarily, if the blood flow is further delayed or blocked then the cell will not survive it will become death.even the recovery of the death cells will be possible if the blood supply is done immediately if the blood supply is delayed then the cell death is permanent and its irreversible.
      if the atherosclerosis is mild then the affected part is shows signs and symptoms of hypoxia.if the disease is advanced then the true signs of cell death and necrosis will appear.

if the blood supply to the heart is affected--
minimal atherosclerosis produce angina or mild dyspnea when doing exercise is the common sign.
if the atherosclerosis is severe then heart muscles and its tissues is death (i e  heart attack).

if the blood vessel of brain is affected--
minimal atherosclerosis produce giddiness,syncope or transient ischemic attacks.
but if the artery is completely blocked then complete stroke with paralysis is common.

-Atherosclerosis is very slow progressive chronic disease of the artery.its disease of elderly rather then young need several years to develop atherosclerosis.

-evan though the atherosclerosis is universal throughout the artery,but the lumen narrowing in the peripheral areas (capillaries-minute artery) are particularly susceptible and develops signs of poor blood supply.

 complication if the atherosclerosis 
     1.atherosclerosis inside the blood vessels causes the very poor blood flow to the tissues and organs so the cell damage is the complication.if the blood flow completely stopped then the part is become dead and the affected organ or limb is become necroses and decomposed.
    (example: heart attack if the blood to the heart is blocked by atherosclerosis
                   stroke if the blood flow to the brain is stopped by atherosclerosis
                   gangrene and necrosis of the affected leg or hand if the artery is completely blocked by 
   2.emboli formation the atherosclerotic plaques sometime peeled of from the artery and to become a emboli it blocks the blood vessel and stop the blood supply to the particular organ. 

How to prevent heart attack and stroke ? 
How to prevent the atherosclerosis ?
1.regular walking
2.keeping the blood sugar and cholestrol in normal normal level.
3.avoiding high cholestrol
4.avoiding smoking


(heart attack is an medical emergency it need hospitalisation and immediate ICCU CARE BUT THE CAUSE FOR HEART ATTACK CAN BE CURED AND PREVENTABLE)

   மாரடைப்பு ,பக்க வாதம் ,சிறுநீரகம் அழிகிபோதல் ,கை கால்கள் மற்றும் குடல் அழுகிபோதல் போன்ற மிக மோசமான  நோய்கள் உருவாவதற்கு அடிப்படை காரணம் தடித்த இரத்த குழாய்கள்தான் .

  அதிக கொழுப்புள்ள  உணவுபொருட்கள்  உண்பது 

  உடற்பயிற்சி இல்லாமல் இருப்பது 
  சர்க்கரை நோய் 
  புகை பழக்கம் 
  இரத்தில் உள்ள அதிக கொழுப்பு ,போன்ற காரணங்களால்  இந்த நோய் உருவாகிறது ,ஓமியோபதி  மருந்துகள் மூலம் இந்த நோயே  குணப்படுத்த முடியும் அதன் மூலம் மாரடைப்பு மற்றும் பக்கவாதம் போன்ற நோய்களில் இருந்து நம்மை பாதுகாத்துகொள்ள முடியும்.

          pulmanary hypertension

1.basic circulation in the body is in two way one is artery and other is veins.artery carries the pure blood from heart to all over the body and veins carries the impure blood from all over the body to heart-medically we will say this is a SYSTEMIC CIRCULATION. so universally in the body veins carries impure blood and artery carries pure blood.

2.but there is a opposite function is happening in the lungs it means from the heart to lungs impure blood is carried by pulmonary artery and pure blood is carried from lung to heart is pulmonary vein-we will say medic ally this is PULMONARY CIRCULATION.

   my son is diagnosed as pulmonary hypertension what it mean is there any treatment in  homeopathy ?

raised pressure of the pulmonary vessels (both pulmonary artery and pulmonary veins).

classification cause for pulmonary ht .(according to WHO)

    GROUP I  pulmonary artery disease ( due to direct diseases of the lung vessels)


    GROUP II   Pulmonary hypertension primarily started in the disease of the left hear then the disease gives the complication of pulmonary hypertension.


    GROUP III  pulmonary hypertension associated with lung disease
            chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),interstitial lung disease.
            sleep disordered breathing or alveolar hypoventilation.
            chronic exposure to high attitude
            developmental lung disease
   GROUP IV chronic circulating blood clots (embolic and thrombic disease)

symptoms of pulmonary ht.

1.very gradual onset of the symptoms
2.difficulty in breathing.
4.dry cough
5.chest pain
7.swelling around the legs and feet.
8.clubbing,loud pulmonary s2.


ஓமியோபதி மருத்துவத்திற்கு அளித்துவரும் ஆதரவிற்கு நன்றி