Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to be a ideal patient for homeopathy

      Even though we are looking for some different opinion (alternate) our  presentation towards homeopathy doctor is the same way as we presented in front of alopathy doctor.we are trying to modify according to our convenient rather then tasting true essence of the new system( HOMEOPATHY ).But basically homeopathy doctor is differ from alopath in several ways he expects you to be present yourself somehow in a different way.if you understood that then the relationship between doctor and patient will be maintained in a better way.
      Alopathy doctor weather you are talking to the doctor or not he can prescribe medicine by seeing reports itself he need very minimal clarification from the patient to confirm the diagnosis that's all  but homeopath doctor 100 % depend on your symptoms even if you have done MRI or laproscopy,CT everything has very minimal value.

Patient speech is highest value in the homeopathy. 
      (when you do investigation it helps in diagnosing the case/when you explaining very clearly what you felt it helps in prescribing homeopathy medicine)
    The patient should observe himself ,he should narrate each and every changes in his body in very particular and minute details.If he done this he  need not to  worry about the results sure you will be alright.homeopathy medicine book (MATERIA MEDICA PURA) has written in patient language instead of diagnostic terms.when you turn the pages of materiamedica you will  see the symptoms like this "i have pain in the throat  while eating",but majority of patient will say i have tonsillitis (diagnosis) rather then they have pain in the throat.

how for your observing yourself explaining each and every changes in your body without missing anything with highest and finest accurate way the result will be undoubtedly the cure.
 when you say the complaint somewhat similar to the medicines then your complaints temporarily manged by a doctor,if you say exactly what you felt(similimum) then 100 % cure is possible.
when you are not showing interest to the doctors question and expects cure is absolutely impossible

when you coming to meet the doctor think yourself what complaint we came and after the medicine what changes we found and what question we not replied in the last session answer everything in accurate and more precised manner you will be lucky in getting cure

homeopathy doctors expect more information about your complaints ( or ) the disease.
(if you suffer from knee joint pain doctors will ask you this question)
1.side--left or right knee you have pain. is the nature of the pain -- dull pain,pricking,burning,stitching.
3.when you feel the pain is severe--walking (or) running or climbing the stairs like that.
4.when you feel somewhat ok or better--taking rest,by slow walking applying hot water like that.
      some times doctors question is, irrelevant like how do feel after eating or after getting up from sleep after passing is the knee pain during menses how is your pain when you mentally upset.
how do you feel the pain in winter or the summer.

     irrelevant in the sense what is the relation between knee joint pain with climate or emotion or menses.
there is a logical relation to environment and human  but however homeopaths asks this queries because he has the drugs which has the power to make the pain when the women menstruating otherwise she does not have the pain.we have the medicine pain is better when sleeping worse when waking

homeopaths has the medicine which cure when the symptoms--

knee pain in the winter (calc phos)
knee pain worse when anxiety or tensed ( ars , bell)
knee pain when taking rest  (rhus tox,pulsatilla)
knee pain worse when begining to walk (bryonia,arnica)
knee pain better by after passing stool (agaricus,colocynth)

knee pain with gastric complaints  (kali bich ,ant crud)
knee pain with piles ( abrotanum)
knee pain urinary complaints (benz acid)
rheumatic knee pain with asthma (benz acid) 
    for above named complaints doctor not required two medicines for two complaints single medicine will cure the both disease patient is having rheumatic knee pain with asthma need only benzoic acid 200  one single dose will cure both his knee as well as asthma. 
   ( here sometime patient will ask me to prescribe only one disease since they might taking the treatment for the asthma to someone else or there are patient they may not reveal that they have piles or they think we came here for skin disease so speaking about menses is irrelevant-its not right kindly speak all your suffering and disease to the doctors  100 percent its useful for selection of the medicine )
 if you forgot about the asthma the doctor may miss the medicine then the disease will be in same state.

when the doctor is completely taken his case history then the case is almost cured.but on majority of the occasion the case is incomplete reason behind this is the sufferer may not observe himself .
they think its not necessary,doctors may not ask the negative questions to rule out the possibilities.
symptoms lacking in children and mentally ill persons.

kindly take the medicines till the disease is completely cured its common that losing interest especially in chronic disease but its very importend to continue the medicines till your completely alright.taking medicines only when the complaint is worse stoping medicines if you feel better is not a right way. 

when i will become alright ?
     this question will be the common question especially when the disease is not cured early or patient may feel the disease is still in the same states.or patient is in anxious or in tension then they will ask this question.


Doctor and patient relationship. 

keep the relation to the doctors which directs only towards recovery of the disease which should be the prime concern for you,put everything else in the second part.
      diet and advises:
 In chronic disease following diet and other advises like exercises and avoidance of some food items is more important and equal to medicines,in some disease diet and doctors advise more helpful then medicines.
  believe me homeopathy doctor is nothing he just connecting you and homeopathy,
 don't say anywhere homeopathy is doesn't worked on me unless you are expressed your symptoms clearly.don't nag the doctor how many years or months will take to cure this again,it is in your hand when you observed yourself and mentioned very clearly your suffering then you will be alright before the expected time.
 when you gave the doctor wrong symptom he will simply spoil your case because of your answer. 
for example i feel continues thoughts in m mind it does not allow me to work and doing any  work.Doctor question is (thoughts when it comes your reply is continues he will select the remedy THOUGHTS THOUGHTFUL CONTINUES) If the thought coming only when you working then the above reply is wrong doctor should take the symptom THOUGHTFUL WORKING WHEN.

   regular follow up is very essential to complete the cure,its important to visit the clinic till the doctor says that case is cured. I found either it is a major institution or minor day care set up so many cases pending only because of the patient not visiting regularly.and similarly those who are visiting the clinic gradually trained up how to observe the case and what is homeopathy doctor trying to say like that and even the incurable cases ,early aggravation also turned into cure only because patient cooperation and regular visit.

"doctor i was taken 1 month medicine i have not seen any results so i stopped" 

"doctor i was so surprised that i was started getting tremendous improvement i felt better so i stopped medicines"
   when your taking treatment for long standing chronic diseases you cannot see major changes with short duration,some situation improvement begins shortly in diseases it need long duration of the treatment so you need be patient for some days to the results.
       the intensity of the disease being less or even completely absent in some situation it does not mean the disease is cured,here simply the disease taking rest inside the body, it will reoccur soon when the proper stimulation occur.(psoriasis is one of the best example:the disease will be completely alright in summer it gives trouble in winter) so in this disorders we cannot take it is cured if patches are disappeared it need proper treatment even if the patches are not in the skin.

its better to meet the doctor when there is no crowd,i have missed my  patient since i have not spend enough time to the patient,unfortunately majority of the patient happy in meet the doctors only in the late evening or in the Saturdays or Sundays.

except those who are working in the office others should plan your appointment in the morning and forenoon and noon.and its better to meet in the week days then week ends.

ஓமியோபதி மருத்துவத்திற்கு அளித்துவரும் ஆதரவிற்கு நன்றி